Beautiful Homes at Cheap House Plan Prices

Join the Club if so you know when each new cheap house plan is released!  Are you looking for a beautiful home to build with great quality from highly qualified and experienced designers with cheap house plan prices?  Well, you’re in the right place.  Welcome to the Elk Creek Club. Here at Elk Creek Homes, we’ve developed a system where every quarter we’ll feature a new house plan and offer it at a significantly reduced price of $199.  After that, the cheap house plans price from the club will become part of our permanent inventory.  You’ll still have the option to buy them, but instead, it will be at the regular price.

Whether you’re a builder, a contractor, or a developer, the Elk Creek Club probably sounds like a club that’s right for you. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss to get the latest beautiful house plan design at a cheap house plan price.

discount house plans Elk Creek Club
Get amazing affordable house plans available to you for the low price of just $199. You’ll be notified when the quarterly new discounted home plan comes up and the last one will go to regular price. Each one will be available at an impressive low price for a short time.

Our house plans will be available with one standard foundation option.  If it’s not the foundation you’d like, customization is available for the foundation of your choice.  The affordable house plan price will be available in an easy-to-use and accessible downloadable PDF format.  Additional formats will be available to purchase at the standard rates.   We don’t work to complicate and try to sell you a bunch of add-ons, we give you what you’re looking for, a quality plan at a cheap house plan price.

Would you like to receive notifications of when the newest affordable house plan becomes available each quarter?  We send out an email announcement once a month to share with our Elk Creek House Plan Club to subscribers sharing our newest version of the best quality yet cheap house plans available on the market.  Are you ready?

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